Derngate concert - 2nd May 2015

From our Musical Director - Stephen Bell:

What a delight to have Boobs and Brass join us in the Derngate for such a prestigious event celebrating the start of the Northampton Male Voice Choirs 70th anniversary. A concert like this has been 3 years in the planning and it's been a triumph of organisation that we managed to get over 380 performers on stage - including the tremendous ladies in Pink - Raising over £5000 for the cause. It's an incredible achievement and I'm delighted we were able to create such a magical event for the appreciative audience.

I'm looking forward to directing the girls in the forthcoming concert in Verwood, Dorset.

I've also learned that the Trombones can seriously "tonk it out" in this band. Makes some trombone chaps I know seem a little feeble by comparison.

Stephen Bell

From our newest player: Zoe Miller
I’d heard of Boobs and Brass before, but never had a chance to play with them, so I was excited to get my first to chance to perform in an all-female group. The concert was to be at the Derngate in Northampton, and along with Boobs and Brass there was to be a 300 strong male voice choir made up of smaller male voice choirs from all around the country!
I think they felt like they had to make up for the abundance of women!

I thoroughly enjoyed performing a really varied programme with the band, including Lord of the Dance featuring Irish Dancers and a massed choir piece also featuring bagpipes!
The ladies were all lovely, and made me feel very welcome! The concert managed to raise £5000 for breast cancer which is a real achievement, and it’s wonderful to know that my playing is going to fund something that will hopefully make a difference to people’s lives!
Overall a great experience; I’m sure I’ll be playing with the band again soon!
Zoe Miller
(PS from Maggie: There was another £713 in the collection boxes at the end of the concert!)

Zoe wearing the pink jacket for her first concert with Boobs & Brass
From Maggie Betts:
For our performance at the Derngate last Saturday evening, we  needed some Irish dancers to accompany Boobs & Brass playing The Lord of The Dance.

One of my ex work colleagues - Katie Bunting - has Limelight Theatre School in Northampton and I asked for her help in finding some dancers.

Katie put me in touch with Sam Schultes at The Kerry School of Irish  Dancing which is also in Northampton.

I provided Sam with a recording of our arrangement of The Lord of The Dance and she promised that she would provide the dancers and choreograph the dance.

Saturday arrived and we were to have our first meeting and rehearsal with the dancers. I had not got a clue how this was going to go but six young girls appeared aged between 9 and 14 and the rehearsal began.

It was immediately obvious that these young girls knew exactly what they were doing and once the band had played the first part of the piece the girls joined in the performance. The four younger girls, in two pairs danced in soft shoes to the slow section and then disappeared off stage whilst the two older girls carried on into the next section with their hard tap shoes. Having done a very quick shoe change, assisted by their parents, the younger girls reappeared and joined the others dancing absolutely brilliantly. 

It was so exciting and I was so relieved and very happy that this joint effort was actually going to work!

We had one more run through and then the girls went home for a well earned rest before the live performance in the evening.

They were performing in the second half of the concert and as the evening progressed I felt some concern that it might be getting a bit late for the younger girls but then it was time.

On came the girls in the most beautiful dresses looking absolutely stunning. Their performance was faultless and   one of the highlights of the evening. They were fantastic and the audience roared at the end of their performance.


You were all fantastic and we thank you for being part of our performance and helping us to raise £5713 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Also thanks to Katie, Sam, the parents and everyone else who made this happen. 


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