Butlins 2015

It was with great delight and excitement that we accepted the invitation from Steve Walker and Stan Lippeatt for “Boobs & Brass” to perform the Gala Concert during the  Butlins Mineworkers National Open Brass Band Festival at Skegness once again. After the initial euphoria – panic set in!
Oh no! It`s  a Sunday evening – will we be able to put a band together?
Our fears soon subsided once the responses were received – seventy of our amazing “Boobies” had committed to play at this prestigious event.
Oh no! Panic again – will we have enough jackets?
Thankfully, despite all our varied shapes and sizes, Keith accommodated every player.

Apart from our performance, Kevin Holdgate had organised “Trombones Against Breast Cancer”  and some of our girls were part of the 105 strong trombone choir playing in `Reds` on Saturday evening. What a fantastic job Kevin did in organising this and we thank him for supporting what we do.

Also, during Saturday, there were a few quizzical looks going round when the “Boobies Flashmob” group organised by Mary Golder, appeared at different sites playing Mike Kilmartin`s arrangement of `Don`t Stop Believin` The crowds soon gathered and joined in the fun, clapping and singing as well as digging deep into their pockets to support the charity.

At times during the weekend, the “Boobs” merchandise stall was inundated with people wanting to know more about the band, some shared their own experiences of having this horrible disease and of course many wanting to purchase our wares – including the pottery “Boobie” sheep that Sharon McCallum made with her own fair hands – of course modelling them on her own real life flock!! Thankfully, we had volunteers to assist us when the regular ladies were otherwise engaged with either stewarding or playing in the competition – so,  many thanks to those people.

Sunday morning arrived – no thick heads in sight – well not that anyone let show – and Skegness Academy rocked to the girls bashing a few notes – and Stan if necessary if his `grumpy` face appeared.  Thankfully – he escaped on this occasion!

Throughout Sunday afternoon, the excitement – and a few nerves – were building amongst the girls wondering what it would be like to perform in Centre Stage. Then, at last, the sea of pink covered most of the stage – what a spectacular sight!!

From the very first note, these wonderful, talented women were determined to play their hearts out and entertain the vast audience that had gathered. Our varied programme included music Excelsoir donated to us from Paul Lovatt Cooper, the emotional `Flanders Fields` written by Gavin Somerset who is the son of one of our horn players, Rosey and two pieces especially arranged for the band  - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic and Don`t Stop Believin – by Mike Kilmartin.

We were treated to the wonderful accordion playing by the very talented Mairi Addy, the great combination of Sue Herbert and Ami Petch for the euphonium duet `Perhaps Love`  and then the antics of the very dodgy  Irdy and Girdy – the German pair who demonstrated their `alternate button pressing` . We must not omit `Scary` Mary Golder with her persistence in wanting to perform a solo – her trombone being replaced by a  fireman`s bell and helmet – which actually belonged to a man who is currently  undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
`Lord of the Dance` brought our set to a close and a great response from a very appreciative audience.  Had the “Boobies” entertained them – we hoped so – and the feedback tells us `Yes` we did and we thank everyone for their fantastic support and encouragement – we are so proud to have been a part of this great `banding` weekend.

We do not have final figures yet – but the funds from the `Trombones Against Breast Cancer`, the “Boobie” Flashmob appearances, the bucket collections and the sales from the merchandise stand plus donations received, we know that there will be almost £5000 that will be  donated to Breast Cancer Campaign – charity number 299758.
We sincerely thank everyone who gave us this opportunity and helped raise more funds for this worthwhile charity – Together We Can Be Part Of The Cure.

Maggie & Jane

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